Dear fans,

As always I truly appreciate your interest and enjoyment of my artwork. Thank you so much.

As some of you know, I live with my wife and two teenage daughters in downtown New York City. As you all know we have recently had a devastating tragedy that has come suddenly on our city. My family and I are fine - we are all together and in good health - but now we must live in the shadow of such sadness and senseless violence. It is impossible to imagine what has happened. Many many New Yorkers have the same feeling I do: that we will wake up from a terrible dream. Of course it is not a dream. So many people are dead, and such a beautiful city is permanently damaged.

On Tuesday morning, September 11th at 8:30 am I was walking downtown from my home in SoHo to attend Jury Duty, a civic requirement all New Yorker must participate in every two years or so. As I reached the court house, only a 15 minute walk from my house, I looked up to see the huge tower of the World Trade Center burning - only about 10 blocks away. It was a terrible sight. I stood frozen, and heard people say a plane had crashed into it. I walked into the Jury meeting room, there were about 200 people there, and we all heard the second explosion. Someone with a radio told us it was a terrorist attack. The court building was evacuated, and without looking back I walked home.

At home I watched on TV to my horror, both towers of the World Trade Center falling, killing everyone inside and below.

There are so many emotions to feel about what has happened. Fear, anger, frustration, sorrow are just a few. Tears seem so useless, but so many people are crying.

There is a very strange feeling outside now. Cars are not allowed in this area. Only emergency vehicles and people who can show identification that they live here. It is very very quiet. Most stores are closed, but a few food places are open. I think things will be getting back to normal uptown by next week. It will take longer for this area to recover.

My feeling is also to try to get back to work. Luckily I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to make fun things for all of you.
As soon as I can I will get back to that. I am sad now, but my true spirit has not been damaged. Maybe my work can even help the world in some small way. I really want to try.

With love for all of you,